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Candidate for Alderman of the 17th Ward

Raynetta Greenleaf has been a strong voice within the Auburn-Gresham community her entire life. Raynetta attended John W. Cook elementary school and graduated from Simeon Vocational High School.  Ms. Greenleaf, a dedicated community advocate, holds a Masters in Healthcare Administration.
Founder of Greenleaf Motivation Inc., Ms. Greenleaf is an advocate for peace community improvement. Her goal is reaching into her community and touching as many lives as possible. Through her foundation, Ms. Greenleaf has launched community outreach programs, such as Don’t Shoot Let’s Hoop, a program focused on stopping the violence amongst the youth.

Join Raynetta Greenleaf in taking a stand for effective, positive change throughout the Auburn-Gresham Community.

One vision for vibrant communities, one chance for change.

Raynetta Greenleaf’s Priorities

Join me in rebuilding our community!

Focus on Education

All children deserve an equal opportunity to receive a successful education in a safe and sustaining nurturing environment. I will work energetically to guarantee all of our children in the 17th ward receive all the necessary resources to succeed academically. I will focus on connecting with our educators to help incorporate a strategic learning plan by executing our social structure and by aiming for success with every student. I will push no child left behind, regardless of social welfare and focus on their learning and advancement.

Community Relations

As Alderman of the 17th Ward, I will continue to stay active within the community. I will connect with local law enforcement and strive to strengthen our relationship with officers, helping to promote non-violence and peace in our community. It is my goal to implement more outreach programs to bring community residents and law enforcement together. I promise to build bold innovative solutions on schools, low income families and address our rising property taxes.

Job Creation

In an effort to fight economic challenges, I will work to introduce businesses to our community. I will push for entrepreneurship so we no longer have to outsource to keep a successful growing community. Building a healthy business environment, will not only create jobs but it will also allow us to properly utilize the unused real estate within our community. My quest is to create an economic development plan that will maximize our community’s strengths.  

Health Care

Better health equals better wealth. I will push for our community to have better healthcare options and resources ranging from personal health treatment initiatives to personal well-being. I will help build Urgent Healthcare’s to help assist with quick Medical Assistance.  I will also allow closer options for our seniors to become involved and engaged in healthier activities all year around.  Reconnecting nature and natural healing for the soul, by adding Peace and Urban Gardens, this not only provides a healthy choice for food, but it will also bring the community together.  By initiating a community garden, we will be creating a level of positive social organization amongst the residents our community gardens will not only provide healthy food it will also create a healthy community through positive social interaction. 


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